About Us


Snarl is based around a moment. That moment that occurs when you are driving to work; or on your way to a meeting. The traffic is not great, but it's moving, so far so good. Making good time, you decide to take one route to your destination over the other possibilities. You take the M5 instead of Parramatta Rd...Clem 7 instead of the surface roads....West Gate instead of the Highway.

"Traffic hasn't been that bad, this will be the quickest way", you reason.

As you pass that point of no return, there lies the most stationary cars you have ever seen. Horns blaring and angry drivers swearing under their breath.

In confusion you turn on the radio, just in time it turns out, for the traffic reporter to notify you that you have indeed gone the wrong way. If only you had known about this incident as it happened, you wouldn't have gone this way. Things could have been so different.

This is where Snarl comes in. We endeavour to give you the most up to date information we possibly can. Whether you check us before you leave, or while you travel, we want you to help avoid these moments. Currently supporting the East Coast of Australia and moving on to other cities soon, we want to make your driving experience as smooth as possible.

NSW traffic data is sourced from and copyright RTA NSW.

Queensland traffic data is sourced from and copyright 131940.qld.gov.au and Brisbane City Council.

Victorian traffic data is sourced from and copyright vicroads.vic.gov.au.

Please do not use your mobile phone while driving. It is illegal.

Please contact us with any queries or suggestions via our contact page.