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Traffic News

Major cycle lane to be ripped up in Sydney under draft traffic plan
11th September 13 - ABC News
Buses, bikes and cars: Blueprint for Sydney's CBD
10th September 13 - Sydney Morning Herald
Broken traffic lights cause major disruption in Sydney city
19th August 13 - Sydney Morning Herald

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Did You Know?

On average, more traffic incidents occur in New South Wales on a Friday between 4pm and 5pm (6.54) than any other hour of the week!

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Latest Incidents
Castle Hill
41 minutes ago
Showground Road at Carrington Road
58 minutes ago
New Canterbury Road at Crystal Street
1 hour and 22 minutes ago
M1 Pacific Motorway (F3) off-ramp to Pennant Hills Road
2 hours and 8 minutes ago
Gwydir Highway at 30km West of Grafton
4 hours and 36 minutes ago
M1 Pacific Motorway (F3) near Wyong Road
5 hours and 34 minutes ago
Manly Road at Avona Crescent
7 hours and 4 minutes ago
M4 Motorway at Homebush Bay Drive
7 hours and 7 minutes ago
Princes Highway at Bates Drive
7 hours and 20 minutes ago
M4 Motorway at Stubbs Street
7 hours and 26 minutes ago
Harbour Street approaching Cross City Tunnel